Friday, March 31, 2017

Cotton Scarves are Comfortable, Stylish & Popular!
Scarves are perfect accessory for girls/women of all ages and have utilitarian values attached apart from being making a fashion statement! Scarves are made of various fabrics like Cotton, Linen, Silk, Viscose and Rayon. But, the ones made with cotton are very popular because of this fabric's quality of providing comfort and doesn't slip to often from head or shoulders like scarves that are made with silk or satin fabric.

Cotton is also the fabric of choice during the summer season and therefore the cotton scarves find favors from females of all age groups as wearing them protects from scorching heat of sun during this season. Thus, cotton scarves actually become a protection tool against hot sunlight while one goes outdoors in hot summers. Fashion conscious ladies also wrap beautiful cotton scarves under their oversized hats for style and as an added protection against the over hot sunlight.

Cotton scarves have many more advantages and benefits as cotton (fabric) does not constrict hair or skin and actually allow skin and hair to breathe. Also, cotton act as a natural filter that prevents dust and other fine articles to enter and allow fresh air in. Apart from superior comfort, cotton is number 1 choice for people who are allergic to silk or any other fabric. Cotton scarves are cosy in winters and also keep you cool during the sweltering heat of summers.

Indian Handicrafts Company is a New Delhi, India, based company and leading suppliers of cotton scarves to countries all across the world.